Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic Continues to Entertain Week After Week

I loved the first season of Kiniro Mosaic when it aired in summer 2013 so naturally, I was looking forward to seeing its sequel series, Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic. While season two got off to a slow start with its first episode, the addition of Kuzehashi-sensei and the ongoing chemistry among the five main girls have made the show my favorite of the season so far.

Shino’s blonde hair obsession is present but toned down from season 1, Aya is still nervous about her relationship with Yoko, Karen remains energetic as ever, and Alice occasionally gets interested in aspects of Japanese culture. Kuzehashi-sensei, the new homeroom teacher for many of the girls, contributes some humorous storylines involving her attempts to not frighten her students.

If you haven’t watched the first season, it’s on Crunchyroll along with the currently airing second season. Season 1 is also on Hulu from Sentai Filmworks, who distributed that season on Blu-Ray and DVD last August and licensed season two around its premiere date.

Taking Some Advice from “Build Your Anime Blog”

I’ve been blogging about anime, manga and related subjects for about nine years this month. I started on Wordpress.com and then moved to my own domain after seven months. At first, I wrote about news happenings and weekly episodes of Haruhi and Welcome to the NHK but then transitioned to more analytical posts at a less frequent update rate.

Despite how long I’ve been writing and occasionally getting review or press inquiries through emails, I don’t consider myself to be a big-name blogger. I’m not sure if I would want that distinction but I would like to interact more with my readers and other bloggers (a thought I expressed in a post looking back at older anime blogs) since I have sometimes felt like I’m writing into a void.

So I was interested in reading Lauren Orsini‘s new digital book Build Your Anime Blog (currently US $5.99 on Kindle Store), partly to get some advice on how to improve as a blogger but also to learn more about how fellow bloggers got started and continue to write.

I Spent Saturday at Kraken Con Spring 2015

I traveled to Oakland yesterday for the first full day of two-day Kraken Con Spring 2015. It was my first convention in three months, the last one being another Bay Area event (AOD), and it was relatively easy to get to – I drove most of the way before jumping on BART for the rest to a station near the Oakland Convention Center where it was being held. Like AOD, I was there mainly to see some panels and look around at the rest of the con’s features.

Web Manga “Kine-san no Hitori de Cinema” Debuts

I found out through Comic Natalie last night that a new web manga series by Asai (@asumithi) called Kine-san no Hitori de Cinema debuted under Hakusensha’s Young Animal Densi label along with a handful of others.

Kine-san is a 30-year-old office lady who watches movies alone and then writes her thoughts about them on her blog. The first chapter involves Kine watching Terminator 3 and replying to comments on her rating of the film as well as a flashback to her childhood involving the first Terminator film and her love of movies.

According to Densi’s upcoming schedule, it looks like chapter 2 of Kine-san no Hitori de Cinema will debut on May 1st (two weeks from now). I’m looking forward to seeing what Kine-san watches next.

What I May (Eventually) Watch From The Spring 2015 Season

I’ve fallen behind on what I started watching from the winter 2015 season so my primary focus for spring might be finishing most of those shows. However, I’m also interested in watching some new series that premiere in April.

Disappearance of Yuki Nagato:
I liked the first season of Haruhi when I watched it years ago but I think this spinoff series will have a less hectic pace since Yuki, not Haruhi, is the main character. I haven’t read any of the source manga so I don’t know how differently the characters will act, aside from Yuki showing more emotion.

Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma):
I’ve only read the first chapter of the manga but it seems like its adaptation will be energetic based on the trailer I saw.

Baby Steps 2:
I only saw two episodes of the first season but I do want to watch the rest of that and proceed to season 2 soon after.

Digimon Adventure Tri:
Digimon was a part of my Saturday morning cartoon watching as a kid so I’ll at least try out this sequel series with the main characters in high school. I’m currently going back through the first season in Japanese via Netflix and there’s a lot of stuff early on that I don’t remember.

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic:
The first season of this school comedy was a favorite of mine from 2013. Happy to see more of it with the addition of a new teacher into the mix.

Sound! Euphonium:
Schoolgirls playing musical instruments is not a new thing for Kyoto Animation (K-On!). This one seems like it may be more focused and less silly since the girls will be part of an orchestra.

Teekyu 4 & Takamiya Nasuno Desu!:
I didn’t get into Teekyu until the third season began airing and then I marathoned all the episodes in a week or two. Both will be short-form shows like the previous seasons. Nasuno isn’t my favorite character of the four main girls but I’ll probably keep up with her spinoff show if it’s not horrible.

Lupin III:
There aren’t many broadcasting details on this new series in the franchise other than it will first debut on Italian television. I haven’t seen specific start dates for Italy or Japan – just sometime in spring.

Remembering Anime Vice the Website Before It Goes Offline Next Month

There was a news post Wednesday on Anime Vice stating the site will shut down April 8th with the current staff’s focus shifting to their YouTube channel. The wiki pages are currently in the process of being moved over to a Wikia site. I haven’t been paying attention to the site very much since the middle of 2010 aside from making occasional wiki edits to fill in blanks. I was a more active reader during its first couple years and felt like I should try to memorialize what I liked about it.