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Summer Koshien & Rekindling My Desire for Sports Anime & Manga

The 96th summer Japanese high school baseball tournament (better known as Summer Koshien) began last week on August 11th and I’ve occasionally watching games online in the evenings, which is when they occur in my time zone. (Here’s the schedule and results so … Continue reading

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Space Dandy Season 1: More Hit Than Miss

I finally finished watching Space Dandy‘s first season over the weekend. I came to like many of the latter episodes (such as the colorful and plant-focused #9, the reconnecting-with-family #10, and the Toh Enjoe-written #11) more than some of the earlier ones like the zombie-centric … Continue reading

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Halfway Through 2014 Check-In Post

I’ve fallen out of touch with the currently airing anime and probably won’t check out that much from the summer season aside from Ai Mai Mi’s and Yama no Susume’s second seasons, Zankyou no Terror, and maybe Rail Wars & Space Dandy’s 2nd season … Continue reading

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The History of Sports Manga & Anime Panel I Presented at Fanime 2014

This past Sunday at FanimeCon in San Jose, I gave a 50-minute panel about the history of sports manga and anime. It was held in the smallest of the four available panel rooms at the convention but the room looked … Continue reading

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Spring 2014 Sports Anime Report – Week 2

Abarenbō Rikishi!! Matsutarō – episode 2 didn’t get interesting until the second half after Matsutaro had finished turning down the hard labor jobs for which his teacher had arranged interviews. We get our first encounter with sumo wrestlers in the series and a confrontation that *feels* like … Continue reading

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