Goals for 2015

In my previous years of aniblogging, I’ve written posts with resolutions about things I want to start doing or improve upon in the next year along with predictions of what might happen.

While I have given up on producing predictions, I still have some goals (I don’t really feel like calling them “resolutions”) that spawned from thinking throughout the year of how I can be a better blogger or at least a more frequently posting one.

1) Reduce my manga backlog.

One night in late November, I collected together all my unread manga and ended up filling three large boxes. I felt bad about that so in 2015, I’d like to make a dent into my physical manga backlog and try writing not quite reviews but some sort of posts about the volumes I finish.

2) Clean up loose ends of watching 2014 series.

In my final 12 Days post of 2014, I listed anime series from that year I still wanted to give a first episode try along with what I started but didn’t complete. Like with the manga backlog, I’ll try to make posts about what I end up completing and what I drop.

3) Write more about sports anime and manga.

Those who were reading this blog in April saw the brief beginnings of an attempt to write about the spring season’s four new sports anime shows on a weekly basis. I only managed to make it through two weeks but I still have the desire to write about sports-focused series. There are some shows I haven’t finished from my DVD backlog as well as other, older ones I’d like to watch that have been fansubbed.

Despite a boom in popular, contemporary sports anime series, there don’t seem to be a comparable amount of legally translated sports manga from the last five years. Writing about unlicensed manga is something I’m hesitant to do because I don’t want to talk up something that many people can’t easily read through proper channels, yet I still want to shine a light on the variety in the sports genre, something I attempted to do in a panel at Fanime last May.

Unfortunately, my presentation on the history of sports manga & anime featured myself nervously rushing through it at the end. I’m likely not going to host panels at conventions by myself again any time soon, at least on that subject. I think if I had a co-presenter, it might have gone smoother and been better paced.

Web content like blog posts and podcasts such as the Taiiku Podcast have greater potential to reach people than a convention panel so that’s why I’m going the written route in trying to spread the word about sports titles.


Looking forward to trying my best in 2015!

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