12 Days 2014 (Late) Day 5 – A One-Episode Character Romance (Sailor Moon)

When Viz brought back the original Sailor Moon anime this year, I started watching it because I’d never seen it before. Anime-original episode 6 had a music-focused plot that stuck with me.

Jadeite’s minion Kyurene tries to use a cassette tape in a broadcast studio to steal life energy from people but the tape gets mixed up with a demo recording made by jazz pianist Yusuke Amade. Yusuke is in love with Akiko Yanagi, a record company employee that he sees often, and when she gets taken hostage by Kyurene, he and Usagi/Sailor Moon work together to rescue Akiko from danger.

Usagi makes some of the early episodes entertaining with her childishness and in this particular one, she transforms into a grown-up musician in order to enter a club where Yusuke is playing. When she’s asked for her drink order, she replies with “a soda float” to the frustration of the waiter.

I guess the reason why this episode stuck in my mind when looking back at what I’d watched this year was how sweet it was that Yusuke & Akiko got together in the end. I haven’t watched much more of the original Sailor Moon past this episode but I’d like to see if I can at least complete the first season eventually.

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