Feeling Okay About Not Keeping Up With New Anime

Yurie (Kamichu!) trying to turn on the TV while sitting in the kotatsu.

I empathize with Yurie. (image from Kamichu!)

May marked the 10 year anniversary of me starting to blog about anime and related things. I was a college sophomore then but I am now 30 and don’t have the same level of energy and enthusiasm. I have barely watched anime over the past four months. The only ones I’ve seen since mid-May have been as part of a weekend Skype group and they’ve all been older series and movies including Princess Tutu, the Space Adventure Cobra movie, Kamichu!, and currently His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano).

Each quarterly season of new anime series contains many shows I have a medium level interest in watching but few have driven me to keep pace with weekly episodes to the ends of their respective runs. Readers who have followed me for a while might have noticed this trend. I have finished watching only 6 of the 13 anime series I discussed in a summer 2015 impressions post and made little to no progress on the many series I listed in an end-of-2014 post. Continue reading