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Secret Santa Review: Assemble Insert

This doesn’t actually take place at Christmas. I hadn’t even heard of Assemble Insert before it was suggested as one of my three choices for a Secret Santa review this year or knew that RightStuf put it out on DVD.┬áIt’s … Continue reading

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Anime Backlog Spring Cleaning: Steamboy

For my first title to watch as part of the Anime Spring Cleaning project, I chose Steamboy – a movie I got for $3 at a Big Lots some time ago. The box proclaims “from the director of Akira” and … Continue reading

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Manga Review: Diamond Girl vol. 1

Diamond Girl is a title that I’ve been anticipating for a few months after first seeing it on FlexComix’s site in December and reading the first chapter on there. April is as a good time as any for a baseball … Continue reading

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Mania, Please Do More Dub Reviews Like Your Ouran One!

I have previously written a number of times about English dubs out for genuine interest in how well or poorly titles are adapted for American consumption. That’s why I was very pleased to read G.B. Smith’s detailed review of Ouran … Continue reading

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Red Garden Vol. 1: Large Print Menus

When I first saw the trailer for Red Garden, I said that I would be interested in watching it and now that I’ve seen some of it, I see that there is more drama and downer moments than the horror-action-oriented … Continue reading

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