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Mania, Please Do More Dub Reviews Like Your Ouran One!

I have previously written a number of times about English dubs out for genuine interest in how well or poorly titles are adapted for American consumption. That’s why I was very pleased to read G.B. Smith’s detailed review of Ouran … Continue reading

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The Lagann Dub and the Decade Ahead

Last night, I tuned into Sci-Fi Channel to watch the TV premiere of the Bang Zoom-produced Gurren Lagann dub. I actually thought it was pretty good and something I’d watch weekly but then again, I am more forgiving of dubs … Continue reading

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Code Geass Dub To Hit Adult Swim A Week After NYCC Debut

The latest TV schedule posted on the Adult Swim website reveals that Code Geass will premiere on the late-night block April 27th at 1:30am. That happens to be a week after the dub’s debut at New York Comic Con (April … Continue reading

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Bad Official Dubs of Singing in Anime

Justin Sevakis, ANN’s digger-upper of forgotten anime gems, wrote in his “Buried Treasure” column this week about some bad attempts of companies to dub anime songs including a short video montage that worth checking out alone. It’s an interesting look … Continue reading

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Code Geass, Lucky Star Dub Casts Announced

Over the weekend, the dub casts for both Code Geass and Lucky Star were announced. Johnny Yong Bosch now has another high-profile protagonist role as Lelouch and Wendee Lee will be following up her Haruhi performance by taking on Konata. … Continue reading

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