Catching Up On Detective Conan: Season Two (Region 1)

I’m continuing to watch older episodes of Detective Conan in an attempt to catch up to the current episodes. I wrote an initial post in November 2014 after completing the first season, as defined by Region 1 DVD box set releases. This post covers season two: Japanese episodes 26 through 51 (English episodes 27 through 52).

~~~Detective Conan Catch-Up Post #2~~~
Last episode watched: JPN #51/US #52 – Driving a Bomb

There continue to be faked alibis and revenge stories at the root of many cases.

One thing that bothers me a bit about most of the resolutions in these early episodes is that the culprits admit defeat and don’t attempt to run away after being revealed as such by Conan, Kogoro or others. The climaxes still primarily involve Conan tranquilizing Kogoro and using a voice-changer bowtie to expose the true criminals in Kogoro’s voice while hiding somewhere behind him.

Eri Kisaki, Ran’s mother, makes her first appearance in Japanese episode 32 as part of a cafe murder case. She’s a practicing lawyer and contributes some analysis during that episode’s investigation.

Heiji Hattori, Shinichi Kudo’s rival from Osaka, makes his anime debut in Japanese episode 48, the first of a two-part case. He wants to have a case-solving showdown with Shinichi (and gets one, too!)

It took longer than I expected for me to complete watching these second batch of episodes compared to the first set. My next post in this series will be about the first movie, The Time-Bombed Skyscraper, followed by a Season 3 one (hopefully sometime this summer).

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