Overcoming Guilt About Watching & Reading Less

a photograph of a line-up of six anime character stickers in the rear window of a car
I am proud of myself for being able to recognize 4 of these 6 anime character stickers.

Alternate title: Maintaining Threadbare Connections; I Just Can’t Let This Blog Die

I’ve had a sense for many years of being disconnected from current anime fandom, first as part of growing older and not being interested in much of the new stuff and then as someone who doesn’t interact with most of the people from my college days or with friends I made through connections and conventions. Part of that is everyone having their own lives and being busy but another aspect was me becoming more detached from social interactions while trying to find a job after graduating law school and between bar exam attempts.

I rarely watch new anime series every season (too many isekai!) and I’m only vaguely aware of what is popular through things I glean from Twitter/memes or while browsing YouTube. I barely touch gacha games anymore and I’m even starting to feel disinterested in virtual streamers – I rarely watch VOD stream archives of the ones I follow and occasionally watch clips.

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