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WonderCon 2011: My Non-Superhero Experience

I attended WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco a few weekends ago and mostly attended panels along with getting a few things in the artists’ alley. It was my first real comic convention in a sense and a learning experience in stuff … Continue reading

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Garden of Sinners Screening at New People

Last Saturday, I went to San Francisco to see the Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyokai) at Viz Cinema. It had the feel of a promotional event – there was a sample box set unpacked in the lobby and the … Continue reading

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Last Weekend’s Club Trip to Japantown

I went to Japantown in San Francisco last Saturday with my alma mater’s anime club for god-knows-what-the-Nth time and though I’ve been there before and recently, I picked up on a few changes like the old iced coffee vending machine … Continue reading

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A Manga Lot & The Adventure Getting Home

Koi in pool inside Japan Center Since I had a day off work yesterday, I decided to trek to San Francisco for the afternoon after cutting a haircut in the morning. I left home at 11:45 and arrived at the … Continue reading

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J-Town December 2006: It’s Still There

  Yesterday I went with the anime club to visit Japantown and had a pretty good time. The announced departure time was 9 o’clock but that was actually to get people to leave by 9:30. Three cars left from campus … Continue reading

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