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Didn’t Know Moyasimon Got Re-Dated to Nov. 24th Until Last Night

The first volume of Moyashimon hit US shelves in late September and I easily bought it at Borders a week or so later along with the 2nd Haruhi novel. Last night, I saw Deb Aoki mention on Twitter she’d heard … Continue reading

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Burst Angel on Blu-ray, Nabari no Ou Gets A Date (Update)

TRSI added a bunch of items to their online catalog today and along with many repackagings and consolidations in FUNimation’s September solicitations, there were many previously unannounced items and details to be found as well. (UPDATE 6/24 3:44PM PDT: Robert … Continue reading

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A Few Comments on Some Viz Video Releases

Earlier this week, some upcoming Viz Media products were added to the online catalogs of RightStuf and of Robert’s Anime Corner Store including the 16th and final Naruto Uncut DVD box set (eps. 206-219), the 1st Naruto Shippuden DVD volume, … Continue reading

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Some of Funimation’s “A Go Go” Shows May Come Out in… May (Update)

A posting on the AOD/Mania Region 1 DVD sub-forum mentions solicitations listed among AAA Anime’s pre-orders for some of the series FUNimation announced during their “New Show A Go Go” promotional event in December. According to the listing, Gad Guard, … Continue reading

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Lucky Star Manga Vol. 1 To Hit The US on May 15th?

I was browsing around online to see how the covers from the first Haruhi novel and the manga’s first volume differed visually (they’re similar but not close enough to cause confusion) and saw that Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon … Continue reading

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