A to Z Anime Reviews: C is for… Chibi Maruko-chan (1990 movie)

For my third alphabetical review, I picked the first Chibi Maruko-chan movie (released in 1990). If you’re not familiar with Maruko-chan, it’s a family-oriented comedy series about a lazy 3rd grader and her school & home life.

The movie goes through Maruko’s class preparing for and participating in the school sports festival and then the Christmas choir competition. At the start, the students undergo a seating rearrangement and Maruko gets put in a row with two rough boys, Ono and Sugiyama, who work well with each other but are sometimes rude to their classmates. Maruko comes to like their relationship and tries to help them stay friends when circumstances are about to separate them.

I liked Maruko’s voice (her seiyuu is TARAKO) because it reminded me a bit of the gravelly take Izumi Kitta gave when portraying Watamote‘s Tomoko. I got many of the jokes despite not really knowing about many of the characters’ backgrounds/traits coming into starting the movie. It had admirable heart that I’m sure the two TV series have as well. (Vinnie of All Geeks Considered talked a bit about it in his Golden Ani article for 1990.)

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