12 Moments 2012 – Day 10: Urabe’s Laughter

Mysterious Girlfriend X was a spring comedy that I liked at first but lost my watching momentum and didn’t finish it. (The last one I saw was episode 8.)

One thing struck me while watching MGX was Urabe’s voice actress, Ayako Yoshitani. It was her first voice acting role – she had been in a bunch of TV dramas and movies before – and she provided a deep voice to the character that added to Urabe’s mysteriousness. (Here’s a video of Ayako talking about MGX and herself as an actress.)

Urabe’s outburst of laughter in the first episode during class (and another time later in Tsubaki’s bedroom) was the first sign of myself liking the humor of the show so I’m picking that as my moment.

P.S. This is my 600th post, by the way.

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