Sports Outside Genre: SoreMachi Episode 9 (Table Tennis)

Sports Outside Genre is a feature about sports-focused episodes or characters in non-sports genre series, similar to the Reverse Thieves’ No Case Too Small.

Series: And Yet the Town Moves (Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru) – Episode 9
Sport: Table Tennis

Toshiko and Haribara have a match during PE class after Toshiko gets easily bored of playing against Hotori and the pair rekindle a rivalry from middle school. They return the ball back and forth with high speed before Haribara pulls out her special move to finish off Toshiko.

I liked the animation work that SHAFT put into adapting the manga chapter (vol. 4 ch. 32) with interesting camera angles and giving a sense of the rapid play that amazes Hotori.

[By the way, the manga is available in English through JManga and the anime through Sentai Filmworks.]

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