Spring 2012 Anime Preview

art by pixiv artist ATARU

The spring anime season starts next week and I decided to do a short preview post of my initial interests.

There are some comedies I’d like to try including Mysterious Girlfriend X after seeing it a few times in Afternoon magazine; Shirokuma Cafe – simply because it’s about animals at a cafe staffed by a polar bear; and Tsuritama since it looks visually interesting.

I want to give Kuroko no Basuke a shot since it’s about basketball.

I’ll try to continue with Phi Brain into its second season – I’m currently behind at episode 16. There will certainly be more puzzles. I will also be keeping up with the Hunter x Hunter remake that shows no sign of stopping.

Finally: I didn’t know about Kids on the Slope until I saw ANN’s spotlight about it but jazz, Shinichi Watanabe and Yoko Kanno sounds like it might be good.

P.S. I’m open to being surprised by a breakout hit like I didn’t immediately start Madoka Magica or Mawaru Penguindrum in previous seasons. I started watching Daily Lives of High School Boys (aka Nichibros) this weekend and loving that.

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  • Anonymous

    As far as I’m concerned, Mysterious Girlfriend X IS the Spring Anime Season! (and Sankarea).