Lawson’s Evangelion Campaign

Japanese convenience store chain Lawson is currently doing an Evangelion 2.0 promotional campaign from August 16 to Sept. 12th, which might be to overlap with the movie’s debut on broadcast Japanese TV on August 26th. Lawson have done some anime tie-in campaigns in the past with K-On!, Madoka Magica, and of course Eva 2.22 last year.

There are a number of original packaging items including garlic French bread, cafe lattes, and tissues. Some collectible items are limited to certain periods with the purchase of two promotional products: clear files from 8/16 to 8/29 and phone straps from 8/30 to 9/12. Many items will get entries in a drawing for a Mari figure. I might see what I can get during my Japan trip next month.

Here are some YouTube videos of people displaying their Lawson purchases:

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