Didn’t Know Moyasimon Got Re-Dated to Nov. 24th Until Last Night

The first volume of Moyashimon hit US shelves in late September and I easily bought it at Borders a week or so later along with the 2nd Haruhi novel. Last night, I saw Deb Aoki mention on Twitter she’d heard rumors its first print had been pulled for some reason. She pointed out that the rating on the back cover says “T AGES 16+” which is usually an “OT” (older teen) age.

Indeed, my copy does have this. Just didn’t realize it until I actually stopped to look at it.

I also remembered noticing that there was a few misaligned blocks of text on pg. 131 that ran up against a side of its respective balloon. This would seem to be a slightly better reason to reprint a volume than an incorrect rating but that’s just me.

A quick web search reveals that the changed date issue had been written about on The Manga Critic on September 28th and Erin F commented that she’d heard from her local comic book store that it was an “art issue”.

To those who haven’t been able to find a copy in stores, I guess you just have to wait a few more weeks – Amazon, Borders, TRSI, and Random House all list November 24th as the new release date. I wonder what changes will actually be made in the second printing. Regarding the content of the book itself, I thought it was pretty good and worth checking out. I enjoyed reading the sidebar descriptions of the microbes and the characters.

P.S. I suppose those surgical masks Del Rey gave out at NYAF will be even more special since they have the Sept. 29 date on them.

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