Nigorimasen Podcast Ep. 6: a lelangiric chat

On this episode of the Nigorimasen Podcast (aka the N-Pod – no? maybe not, then), I talked with lelangir about how he came to begin blogging less than a year ago, his interest in music, theory posting, and knowledge production.

Download: Episode 6

UPDATE 9/3/14: audio removed at request of guest

Opening: “A-LOAN” composed by Hiroyuki Sawano (Zombie-Loan OST)
Ending: “Cinema” performed by Picasso (Maison Ikkoku 2nd ending) [link]

Show Notes:
lelangir’s first blog post (April 28, 2008)
thoughts on the blogging tradition part 1 (read all 5 parts here)
I think either this or this was what I was referring to regarding semiotics
lelangir’s “Call of Arms” re: music posts
wildarmsheero’s post which I quote from
His post about Clannad and the psychology of time
the Penny Arcade! strip lelangir referred to (has some language)
IKnight’s review of Mechademia Vol 1

anitations | lelangir’s anime music blog | lelangir on Twitter

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  • egads

    This was great podcast/interview! lelangir has great taste in music.

  • wah

    Editing man, editing. You almost have an NPR voice but the delivery is ruined by lots of ums and ers. Also compress both tracks into one mono track, hearing one guy in one ear and the other guy in other (while in a crowded Japanese train, no less) is weird.

    Also my post was less about theory posting being shitty (it isn’t) and more about no one knowing about the history of anime pre 2006.

    • calaggie

      I’ve heard the same comment about editing from another person (Alex Leavitt) so I might go back and retool it so it’s more bearable to listeners since I still have to the source files.

      Regarding your post, it’s true that I may have taken your words out of context but I thought it was still useful as a jumping off point.

  • lelangir

    …am I Touya or [the other guy]??

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