12 Days of Xmas: Throwing In The Towel

Slowly progressing through the second floor in Etrian Odyssey [pixiv link]

I have yet to compose parts seven and eight of this year’s series of memorable things and as I am already two days behind, I decided to end it early with a single post listing what I might have written about individually if I cared enough to do so:

  • Nagi’s frustrated “I’ll grow into it!” assertion in Kannagi ep. 6 when she goes clothes shopping with Tsugumi.
  • The bullfight in Michiko to Hatchin ep. 6 for the rescue and the scene’s entertainment value
  • Winning a game show during AOD 2008 and getting a Bleach pin (which I have since lost)
  • Seeing Evangelion 1.0 on 35mm with a large crowd at AX, admiring the visual updates, and cringing a little during that awkward Rei-Shinji scene (you know the one)
  • Being included in the special thanks section of the Emma Season One Set [pic]

I don’t feel too bad about calling off the remainder since many other writers are still proceeding on schedule and I think I did a good job with the ones I did finish. I felt pressured to catch up on more than I could actually manage; now that has lessened, though still lingering, and I will pass along my relevant feelings as I finish each. I still plan to do the regular predictions/resolutions posts.

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