Untimely Renewal Letter from Newtype USA

I got home from classes about an hour ago and found in my mailbox a letter from Newtype USA. “Oh great!” I thought, “this will probably explain how the transition to PiQ will work!” The first sign that there was something odd was that the return address was in Maple Shade, NJ, and not Houston, TX. I opened the letter and found out that it was asking me renew my subscription since I have two issues left. What?!?

The letter was postmarked January 19th, ten days after ADV announced the ceasing of the magazine’s publication. When I emailed Customer Service in November when I wasn’t receiving my first issue, I was told that:

Because our production schedule works in advance, we send renewal
letters to our subscribers so that there is not an interruption of

That might understandable when you expect the magazine to continue being printed, but you’d think that the subscription division would hear something from management that THERE WILL BE NO MORE ISSUES AFTER FEBRUARY!!! *sigh* I wonder how many of the other 14,999 subscribers also got this letter. [Figure from here.]

I hope that the upcoming PiQ magazine will have an interesting writing style because from what I’ve been reading, the physical size being shrunk to 8″x10″ from NT USA’s 9″x12″, the page count dropping 30 pages from 160 to 130 and the price becoming the same as Wizard‘s at $5.99 per issue (for comparison, Anime Insider is $4.99 at newsstands) with a diversified topic breakdown to boot while the mock-up cover looks like PLAY, a more video-game focused magazine. I guess I’ll find out in March.

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    LOL maple shade! I used to drive by there all the time! XD